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Date: 2017
Lieu: Avignon, Vaucluse, France
Surface before: 36 sqm
Surface after: 44 sqm
Budget: 70k Euros HT
Tasks: survey, project, building permit, construction management

co-worker for the design and realisation of wood stairs: Marco Terranova

It's about a 36 sqm flat in the middle of Avignon.

The clients wished to reniew this very old flat. Take off the old things and keep the ancient ones like the tiles and the platsers moldings.

The place is the finally quiet lightfull espacially after create a new big windows on the terrace and on the roof.

The project wants to create a new light structure by wood for the new services like toilette, bathroom and kitchen. All the rest stay like a new big open-space.

All the materials used are from organic issues.

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